About project6x4

Every map has a legend, and, if you can find it, so does every picture.

This legend came about after I received a photomessage from a friend with a picture that resembled one I had taken many years ago, on a disposable camera. This got me thinking about analogue and digital; memory and spontaneity; then and now; and what the possibilities could be. I found the 6×4 print, and snapped it on my cameraphone; I was intrigued with the result, and wondered what it would mean to revisit some more old 6x4s and re-photograph them in this way. What would it say about the ability and intention of making an image.

Concurrently, I have also started shooting again after a very long time, on my old black Canon SLR, using expired 35ml colour stock that I found in a drawer. In a world of seemingly disposable images, what would this also say about the fetishisation of colour negative and image stabilisation. And in turn what would this say about using a ‘real’ camera?!

This blog explores those thoughts.

Photogram-20130109085225 copy